Big Boy Bed

It’s official… he’s a big boy.  Next he will be out of diapers and then I really won’t have a baby anymore- not sure how I feel about that, but that’s a whole other issue!


Weston was always the better sleeper of our two… he’d go to bed early, easy and sleep through the night.  But recently he was crying as we laid him down, crying in the middle of night, and then it happened… he climbed out of his crib and came downstairs to our bed.  Now although he was a good sleeper, he’s not a good sleep companion- he kicks, hits, squirms, and steamrolls.  So we decided that with these sleep habits he must feel very cramped in his crib and so it was time… time for a big boy bed.  

We opted for the mattress on the floor as we had done with his sister.  This was his first reaction… think he was ready? ;)

Then he did this… check out that air!!!

Then he snuggled into his pillows… 



He’s very proud of his big boy bed and does really well!  But it does make his mommy sad to not have a crib baby anymore- and he’s not even two!  Why do they grow up so fast?!?

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