Aunt Marci, Uncle B and Baby Jack

That is how my kiddos refer to this family… no relation but they might as well be :)  They are the kind of friends that you hope to keep for life.  The kind of friends that are there for you when children are born, and attend every birthday party.  The kind of friends that you know you’ll someday be inviting to your children’s graduations and weddings.  The kind of friends that YOU MISS WHEN YOU DON”T GET TO SEE THEM ENOUGH!!! hint hint ;)  Thanks for being such awesome friends…

Are they hot or what!?!


Loving being swung by mommy n daddy!!

I recognize this kind of half smile… it’s the same smile I get from my son when he’s just done something he’s not supposed to and he gives me this “but I’m too cute to be punished” smile… and it works…

Love you guys :)

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Marci - The kinds of friends that follow you across the country when you move? Hee hee. You make our family look like a magazine spread…love it love it love it! Now how to narrow these down for Xmas presents…

unamed neighbor - Wow. I have seen this tall guy before. He lives in my neighborhood and I think in a street brawl, Matt Carter would have no problem taking him down. I also heard the “Carter Family Christmas Tree” is much cooler than the waller’s…Just an unbiased neighbor.

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