Cheesy title for a post I know- but that’s the word that first comes to mind when I see this couple!  I met Miranda when she came to me for a headshot.  With fair warning that I had no experience with photographing headshots she still stuck with me! and now she came back for some shots with her man for Christmas gifts…

See!  I told you!  In my opinion it is unfair for two people who look like this to be together… don’t you think it’s only fair that they be with someone who struggles for a tan, has crooked teeth and thin lack-luster hair… spread the wealth- give future generations a chance!  I myself would LOVE to have had a tan gene… I get reddish and freckles.  Anyways…. are you ready for my favorite shot???

Thanks Miranda and Andy for hanging out with me :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Be safe and I wish you all an amazing 2009!!

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bob bell - i know miranda well, and these pictures really capture her natural beauty. she has many beautiful features, but after you meet miranda, her wonderful personality will win you over. great pictures of a very beautiful girl and couple!

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