bad blogger!!! bad! bad!  I know… am I the worst or what!!  it’s been another month since I’ve posted anything!  how does this happen?!?!  I hate to admit it but I know why… I am not a “natural” blogger.  I really don’t feel a need to be constantly connected… I loved when we stayed in a little cabin on the lake that had no computer, no tv and no phone.  weird huh?  so anyways… so for me this does not come naturally, and I need to get better :)  for YOU my three faithful readers!!!

so back to pictures… meet the Barnes family!  since these images they have welcomed a baby girl to their family- congratulations!!!!  Jack and Luke are going to be awesome big brothers :)  These boys were so full of energy and I truly enjoyed being a part of the fun you must have on a daily basis!  This first image was what they picked for their Christmas card.

Sweet momma Nikki with her son Jack

Daddy gettin’ the big laughs!

Nikki and Wade thought it’d be fun to get pictures of the boys each in their own rooms!  I loved it!!  it was so hard to pick just a couple to show!

my favorite of Luke were these… when he preferred to play peek-a-boo with me and the camera to sitting with his family for a group shot ;)

I will be a better blogger, I will be a better blogger, I will be a better blogger… much easier to type than to say out loud ;)  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for some “business” updates in this coming month!

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