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    Happy Birthday!

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Ready for Spring!

Looking at these images again made me so ready for spring!!  I’m ready for outdoor sessions again… the light, the freedom… I can’t wait! 

This extended family was so much fun to hang out with, they literally laughed the whole time!  And I think it shows in the pictures, it’s so important to stay positive with your kids during their session… rule out the word “no” and stick to redirecting.  I learned quickly that different ages bring on different challenges, and every kid is different- some you can’t point your camera their direction without getting a smile and some you can’t get a smile when you’re playing peek a boo while standing on your head… the toughest part that I’ve encountered is getting the reaction you want AND managing to capture it in the camera :)

Here’s the whole gang


Sweet Casey


Handsome Drake


Little man Cruz trying to keep up with big sis


Some Father-Son moments :)


and last but not least… these were some of my most favorite family images ever!  They were laughing, being silly and not worried about trying to pose the “perfect” family :)


Thanks so much for spending this time with me at the park… I had a blast and hope to do it again and again!!!

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Tiny Emma

It’s such an honor to be chosen by my clients to take their pictures, but especially to celebrate a tiny new life.  I got to photograph Baby Emma at just two weeks old… yes this was in December and it’s crazy to think how much she has surely grown already!  Her parents were obviously completely smitten with her… I love when I’m totally ignored as parents kiss, cuddle, laugh and love with their babies- it makes me happy… yes I like to be ignored ;)  Emma was an amazing baby… she was so sweet and sleepy and barely made a peep!  So introducing… baby Emma- and of course I have to get started with those teeny new kissable toes :)

being ignored :)

I loved these little monogrammed bloomers!

This brought back memories of being terrified of clipping those teeny tiny fingernails for the first time!

Stephanie and Josh, Thanks so much for allowing me to share these moments with your new family…

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Lauren - These are great. I love the one with the diaper cover!! I can’t wait until the end of March.

3 going on 13

My baby girl is growing up.  It KILLS me that she is turning four this year! But as much as I loved her baby rolls, her soft pudgy feet, watching her miraculously balance on those chunky legs and take her first steps, I have to admit that I’m enjoying this stage too.  She never fails to amaze me… the things that come out of her mouth!!!  The “mini mommy” attitude she tries to pull on her little brother, the way she has become so very convincing when she wants to stay up at night “just 3 more seconds”- I so enjoy our time together as I feel like my role in her life is changing as much as she is.  She doesn’t need me like she used to, not for diaper changes and feedings, but more for assurance and guidance.  I realized my influence on her when I picked her up from school this week and as usual she did not want to go home yet, and what was her reply when I asked her where she’d like to go??  “Target”!!!  She knows my weakness- how can I say “no” to that!! and the funny thing is that I think she likes walking the aisle looking at all the stuff and chatting with her mommy even more than the stickers she gets to go home with.

I hope everyone has a very happy Valentine’s day!  and I’ll leave with this little piece of wisdom from the mouth of a 3 year old…

as Avery and I were in the car driving home one night, she spotted a house with Christmas lights up… yes… this happened this month.  She of course is “Look mommy!!!! They still have their Christmas lights up!!!”  then she thinks for a minute and says “they must not have gotten their presents yet.”   So Santa… PLEASE bring those poor people their presents already so they can take down their lights ;)

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Marci W - ROTFL! What a trip! How can she only be 4 months away from 4 years old already??!? I was just there when she was born…yesterday…

Great pics as usual…makes me want to swing…and be 3:)


bad blogger!!! bad! bad!  I know… am I the worst or what!!  it’s been another month since I’ve posted anything!  how does this happen?!?!  I hate to admit it but I know why… I am not a “natural” blogger.  I really don’t feel a need to be constantly connected… I loved when we stayed in a little cabin on the lake that had no computer, no tv and no phone.  weird huh?  so anyways… so for me this does not come naturally, and I need to get better :)  for YOU my three faithful readers!!!

so back to pictures… meet the Barnes family!  since these images they have welcomed a baby girl to their family- congratulations!!!!  Jack and Luke are going to be awesome big brothers :)  These boys were so full of energy and I truly enjoyed being a part of the fun you must have on a daily basis!  This first image was what they picked for their Christmas card.

Sweet momma Nikki with her son Jack

Daddy gettin’ the big laughs!

Nikki and Wade thought it’d be fun to get pictures of the boys each in their own rooms!  I loved it!!  it was so hard to pick just a couple to show!

my favorite of Luke were these… when he preferred to play peek-a-boo with me and the camera to sitting with his family for a group shot ;)

I will be a better blogger, I will be a better blogger, I will be a better blogger… much easier to type than to say out loud ;)  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for some “business” updates in this coming month!

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