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    Happy Birthday!

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boys will be boys

I admire moms of three boys… my son is constantly on the go, he plays wild and physical- if I had three of him I’d be full out exhausted by the end of every day!  I admire the ability to keep up with them and even more so to keep them busy and entertained… my daughter will calmly play with her toys and dolls by herself- not my son- he wants to throw, catch, wrestle… anything that involves active participation.  So here are some all boy shots… Ann, your boys don’t seem AS wild as my son, but still… THREE boys!  I admire you :)

Sweet momma with her littlest boy Sam… I couldn’t pick just one

Surprisingly, no one was harmed or soaked during the taking of these images :)

Thanks to Ann and Jason for some all boy fun!!

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Cheesy title for a post I know- but that’s the word that first comes to mind when I see this couple!  I met Miranda when she came to me for a headshot.  With fair warning that I had no experience with photographing headshots she still stuck with me! and now she came back for some shots with her man for Christmas gifts…

See!  I told you!  In my opinion it is unfair for two people who look like this to be together… don’t you think it’s only fair that they be with someone who struggles for a tan, has crooked teeth and thin lack-luster hair… spread the wealth- give future generations a chance!  I myself would LOVE to have had a tan gene… I get reddish and freckles.  Anyways…. are you ready for my favorite shot???

Thanks Miranda and Andy for hanging out with me :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Be safe and I wish you all an amazing 2009!!

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bob bell - i know miranda well, and these pictures really capture her natural beauty. she has many beautiful features, but after you meet miranda, her wonderful personality will win you over. great pictures of a very beautiful girl and couple!

Catching up…

So since I haven’t posted ANY of my December images… I have a LOT of catching up to do!  So I’m starting off with brothers… Eli and Chaz.  We managed to get some pretty cute images and smiles in between warm-up breaks in the car- it was FREEZING!!!  but worth it :)


This was my favorite!

Isn’t he handsome!

Chaz was a little leery of the merry-go-round…

Chaz threw sticks in the water until his nose was red and hands frozen!  What a tough little man :)

Thanks boys (and mom and dad) for braving the cold with me!

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Merry Christmas!

So what happened to December?  Is it just me or has this month just flown by!!  I truly didn’t mean to take a month off of blogging… but it happened.  Why does time go by so fast now that I’m older?  Don’t you remember being in school feeling like a moment would never come- summer took forever to get here!!  Now I blink and another year is gone… my baby girl will turn FOUR in 2009… FOUR!! how did this happen!!  Anyways, back on track… I really just wanted to say Merry Christmas to my three readers ;)  I hope that everyone has a magical holiday season.  Coming soon will be a TON of images that I have to catch you up on… some of my favorites ever!!  So I’m off to wait for Santa to bring to presents to my kiddos… talk about magical.  Merry Christmas!!!

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