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    Happy Birthday!

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Pumpkin fun?

I love it when something happens that is such a real moment and it’s caught on camera… for example…

We were carving our Halloween pumpkins.  The kids although very excited at the start of this venture became very hesitant once their pumpkins had holes in them and their gooey, stringy, smelling funny guts were exposed.  It took several minutes of encouragement to get them to even touch the slimy seeds much less actually put their hands inside!  

So finally after watching mommy and getting used to the strange insides of the pumpkin- Avery was having fun and going to town with her little scraper, stirring around inside her pumpkin… then this happened…

 The slimy pumpkin seeds were okay while they were in her pumpkin… or a little on her hands… but jumping out and hitting her in the head!!! and then sticking!!!  From the look on her face I thought she was about to have a melt down…

But I guess when she saw that mommy and daddy found this very funny she decided against a melt down… and her brother was more than willing to grab the seed off her head ;)


Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!

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allyson - these pics are so funny so glad you caught her face her first face

The Littlest Lamb… part II

Here is a sneak peek of little Nate’s 8 month session.  I had the pleasure of taking his 4 month pictures and that are up on the old blog, so it is so much fun to see how he’s changed!  He is still so very adorable with his sparkly deep blue eyes and skin that is perfection… he is like a little flawless doll!!  He’s a crawler now, so curious and busy!  I had so much fun spending time with this family and can’t believe that next time I see them will be for his one year photos!  Why do the baby stages have to go by so fast?!?

This was his favorite toy… I’d want to look at myself too if I was that cute ;)

and just because their last name is Lamb…

I loved how you could just see his baby eyelashes as he was peering out the window…

and just a side note to any mommy photographers… that pretty light on Nate’s face in those top photos was all natural!  He had a window on one side with sunlight coming in onto the carpet in front of him and we had an ivory blanket draped over a couch that acted like a reflector opposite the window.  So you too can make a little indoor studio for your baby… get down on the floor, add toys, let them play and snap away- no flash needed!!

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Zach and family

I loved photographing this family!  They were so loving, sweet and fun and best of all (for my job anyways) they were super at ease in front of the camera.  I love it when parents just act natural and interact with their babies or children… ALMOST like I’m not even there-  I say ALMOST because it is still nice to have a sense of where of the camera is and that I am taking a picture of whatever face you are making at that moment ;) 

Little Zach was just adorable and had these amazing eyes… he also had just discovered his tongue and chose to show off this new found fun often- so cute!

yes… another feet shot… I just can’t help myself!!!

Thanks again for having me out and for making my job so easy!!

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