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Almost Goodbye

My husband was off work that day.  We had a full day planned of shopping for a few necessities that we were lacking in our nursery… our baby girl was due in five weeks!  But when I woke up at 5:45am I knew the day wasn’t going to go as planned.  I had wet the bed… not literally, although it was very well possible with my baby using my blatter as punch bag, but my water had broke.  A little bit of panic ensued… I didn’t have my hospital bag packed!  we didn’t have her diaper changing pad yet! We were excited, but we were supposed to have more time to prepare for the main event!

At 2:55pm that day she came into the world, and they put this tiny bundle into my arms for a minute… but as her face slowly turned more and more purple they promptly took her back and removed her from the room.  She was just a bit too early and needed some help with her suck, swallow, breath reflex.  So instead of having my baby in my room with me she was in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).  We truly were the lucky ones there… our baby had made it so much farther in the womb than so many of the other babies… our baby was surely going to be okay, some of the others in there were not.  

My husband promptly went down to the gift shop and bought our tiny daughter her first horse… we named him Trigger.  When we had to walk away and leave our daughter connected to all those tubes and wires, Trigger stayed there with her… we liked to think of him as her guardian. 

Since then Trigger has been a member of our family… sleeping with Avery every night, going with her every where, including to her new school to be her “guardian” during naptime.  So when one night of searching for Trigger for bedtime turned into two days of searching for Trigger… I started to get worried.

I retraced some steps and called a restaurant we had been to the night Trigger disappeared.  The hostess answered, and yes!  She had seen what looked like a stuffed animal in the parking lot, but someone had picked it up and didn’t turn it in to them.  So I frantically called all the other places in that strip to see if someone had turned it in at another place… nope.  Then the reality set in that he was gone, and as I relived those moments in my head that Trigger had been a part of… I cried.  I take that back… I bawled… for hours.  I was a wreck- so much worse than my daughter who kept saying we’d find him, but I knew the truth that this little hopeful girl didn’t… Trigger was gone.  

I thought about putting up flier, offering a huge reward, and yes we even put him as “lost” on Craig’s List.

A few days later the phone rang, my husband answered and soon was standing in front of me on the phone smiling and giving me a thumbs up… someone had turned him in!!!  Trigger was found!!! I think I cried again ;)

Is anyone as crazy as me?  would you offer a reward for your kids lost stuffed animal?

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brandiandboys - what a great story!!! when gage gave up his lovey by choice, but then silently cried himself to sleep for a week, i was a MESS! totally understand your feelings toward trigger. can’t believe he was returned!

Melinda - Loved this story. Reward for a priceless lovey…not crazy at all! I would have done the same thing if Aiden lost his green frog “GaGa”.

Smiles by Erin

If you could somehow package her smiles and sell them- you’d make millions… she smiles with her whole face- crinkled nose, glinting eyes… and unlike so many “cheese” smiles- they are true, happy, whole- hearted smiles.  I got to spend the morning at the park with Erin, her smiles, and her mommy.  The light that morning was magical and rainbows happened to show up in so many photos… okay so I know it’s lens flare, but it really seemed like they could’ve been there :)  

and finally some sweet ones with mommy…

Thanks so much girls for the fun morning!!! And let me know what you think… anyone?  hello?  comments make me happy?  heehee ;)

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Big Boy Bed

It’s official… he’s a big boy.  Next he will be out of diapers and then I really won’t have a baby anymore- not sure how I feel about that, but that’s a whole other issue!


Weston was always the better sleeper of our two… he’d go to bed early, easy and sleep through the night.  But recently he was crying as we laid him down, crying in the middle of night, and then it happened… he climbed out of his crib and came downstairs to our bed.  Now although he was a good sleeper, he’s not a good sleep companion- he kicks, hits, squirms, and steamrolls.  So we decided that with these sleep habits he must feel very cramped in his crib and so it was time… time for a big boy bed.  

We opted for the mattress on the floor as we had done with his sister.  This was his first reaction… think he was ready? ;)

Then he did this… check out that air!!!

Then he snuggled into his pillows… 



He’s very proud of his big boy bed and does really well!  But it does make his mommy sad to not have a crib baby anymore- and he’s not even two!  Why do they grow up so fast?!?

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Family Fun

I just had to share some of these photos from a family session I did in August.  They were so much fun- from mini-golf cart rides, playtime in the park and bubbles… I was ready for a nap after it all, so hopefully the little ones were too!!  So we started out with a few more traditional family portraits and then moved on to the more candid, fun stuff…

these are the three portraits that grandma chose to enlarge for wall display… such cute boys!!

and how much fun is this little cart the grandparents have for their grand-boys!

these two just cracked me up… can you tell they are brothers?

this one was my favorite of the day…

I really liked this sweet mommy & son moment… Mandy is such a sweet, calm and patient mom and I thought you could totally see it in this picture :)
and finally time for BUBBLES!!! loved the popping action in the middle one!

I know this is late getting up but I had so much fun and thanks again :)

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Mandy - Kristen, you are soooo talented! Such a great day, not to mention how lovely you are to work with. We adore our pictures!! Thanks so much!

Melinda - Thank you so much for capturing such beautiful pictures of our family.
I receive so many compliments on my photographs and every time I walk by then it makes me smile. :) You are a natural.