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    I absolutely adore this session!  Laney’s momma (who stunningly beautiful AND has an amazing sense of style) hadView full post »

    Happy Birthday!

    Today is my sweet friend Bridgett’s birthday so I thought I would post some images to show what awesome year sheView full post »

Ean and Jonathan

I absolutely loved hanging out with this couple!  I felt honored to take their engagement photos and wish them a ton of love and laughter for years and years to come.  Their first date involved the Parthenon and their wedding will be at the Parthenon, so guess where they chose to have their photos taken :)

Thanks again you two… I wish you the best!

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Jamie Willow - I have tons of pictures of my son and husband in that tree :) it is just perfect…

love the photos!


oh my poor neglected blog… for my first post in months I thought I’d try to express what my mind has been occupied with these past couple months.  kindergarten.  my baby girl is now a kindergartener.  five days a week for the majority of her day her life is influenced by others besides myself.  have I done my job as a mother to prepare her for this step?  did i take my time with her at home forgranted?  we have all adjusted… her better than I.  she has amazed me with how well she has adjusted to the too early mornings and unfamiliar environment.  she loves it… and as she tells me- now I have to make sure and play with “brother”… which apparently has been her job until now ;)  she is thinking of his happiness in her new situation.  she makes me proud beyond words, she is kind, compassionate and sensitive but also adventurous and brave.  I love you Avery Reese Parker, I know God has amazing plans for you and this is just the beginning.

I did a “kindergarten session” with Avery in hopes that it would deter me from going too kindergarten paparazzi on her first day… but it didn’t really.

and some from her first day…

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Marci Waller - OMG OMG OMG! Kristen! Words can not express how awesome these photos are! I would so have you do a Kindergarten session of my boys…years down the road;) These are amazing! And even more amazing is that that little girl I met in the hospital in AZ so many years ago is this gorgeous 5 year old going to Kindergarten!!! How does this happen!?!?!

Love you guys!!!

PS- I can’t believe you made her walk all the way to school in the street in sandals;)

Stephanie Ervin - These pics are so adorable! She looks just like her daddy!! I agree with Marci, I want a Kindergarten session when it’s time – such a great idea! I love your work! We are sooo looking forward to our shoot in a couple of weeks!

Baby Colton

Earlier this year I was privileged to take photos of this handsome baby boy and his gorgeous mama.  Colton has the most amazing blue eyes and the best smile! Even when he was ready for me to leave and have his mama to himself we got some sweet moments with his pacifier and snuggle-time with his mama… thanks Jamie for spending this time with me.

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