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    Happy Birthday!

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Catching up…

I finally feel back to normal after the fall madness!  Hope you are having an amazing New Year… now I get to catch up on some of the awesome sessions I have done in the past couple months.  Starting out with the Luzinski family’s handsome boys… loved their coordinating sweaters!!


I love hanging out with this family… Mandy and Rich keep their calm sense of humor despite the chaos of attempting to keep two energetic boys near the camera :)


Thanks for sharing this time with me, wishing you a blessed 2010…

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Mandy - Thanks again for beautiful pictures, Kristen. You are amazing :)

Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to thank everyone who may read this for your support this year, I feel so blessed to have the honor of photographing your loved ones.  Thank you for sharing your family and memories with me.  With my fall season fully booked and added craziness of the holidays my blog sadly takes a back seat, I plan to catch ya up these coming weeks with all the fun that was going on :)

I wish you a very happy holiday season and an amazing 2010!


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What November?

Did November just happen?  Seriously?  As I realized it will December tomorrow I also realized I haven’t posted an entry at all this month… I have a ton of pictures I want to share and even more to edit these next couple weeks.  I’ll admit that fall simply kicks my butt- so many sessions so close together and trying to do my stay at home mom duties AND the holidays and travel… I find myself overwhelmed and needing to hone my time management skills.  BUT as soon as I feel set into a groove- the season is over… that’s life right :)  I do enjoy spending all this time with my amazing clients… getting to spend a couple hours together on a beautiful fall day, seeing how much their babies have grown in just the few months since I’ve seen them or meeting new families and making new friends.

So enough of my rambling… here are some pics!  Aren’t they handsome!

These have to be some of my most favorite candid shots ever!  Don’t you wonder what was so funny?  

And lastly I thought I’d share the universal sign that means “I’m done!!!”


Thanks to the Scaffidi family for hanging out with me  :)

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Marci Waller - Oh Kristen!

I hope you can take awesome pics of my boys like this someday and make them look like they get along this well!! :)

the Spigel family

I had so much fun hanging out with this family!  Jack has gotten so big since the last time I got to see him and Madeleine has grown from a sweet camera shy toddler to a lovely little model.  I feel so honored to be chosen to capture these stages of childhood… such a blessing!


loved these sweet moments with dad….
and this impromptu hug with mom just melted my heart!

see what I mean? little model…
to see their first session go here

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