Growing up…

I obviously love photos… then why do I have such a hard time taking them of my own children?!?  And why is it that the ones I do take end up being trapped for eternity on my hard drive ?!? I have actually purchased some awesome frames just to have them sit with the strangers photos in them for months and months… If someone were to walk in to my house, you could never guess that I was a photographer by looking at my walls.  Oh the shame!  Well, now that I’ve confessed… here are some family images that have been hiding out on my hard drive.

It is so overwhelming to me look at how time flies… these were Weston’s three year old photos that I took of him on our trip to Colorado in November.  My baby boy isn’t a baby anymore, he wants my help so little these days… not even to get dressed and put on his shoes. tear.  I try to look on the bright side of this new independence and embrace his growing sense of humor, how he is eager to make me laugh and show off  his developing sport skills… but it is hard to let go of that baby!  So I’ll admit that my heart feels happy on the rare occasion that he asks me to carry him, or when he comes to ask me for help… I know I have to let go of him someday so that he can be a strong independent man- thankfully just not yet…




I can’t tell you how many photos I got of this face…
And speaking of growing up… this is my niece Allyson, turning 15 this year!! Wow, to think I first met her when she was 4- my own daughter’s age.  In a few more years she’ll be off to college somewhere… can I go cry now?  maybe I’m just all emotional since I turn thirty this month… and feeling very grown up myself  ;)



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Allyson Parker - I absolutly love these pictures!

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